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The World's First and Largest Foreign Direct Investment Marketplace and Ecosystem on Blockchain


It is the first time in the history when the world is facing a tremendous gap in funding the key development initiatives, described as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the UN.

  • No innovative way to synergies public-private partnerships globally
  • No innovative way to allow tokenization of public assets
  • No innovative way to leverage the power of DeFi for financing government's projects
  • Mistrust on governments managing economy and currency stability in developing countries
  • Mistrust and frauds while executing investment deals
  • Government bonds and financers from international investors often holding the country's valued resources as ransom

What is FDI?

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is critical to a country’s economic development. The entry of foreign cash will allow it to improve its infrastructure, increase productivity, and increase employment. FDI also serves as a vehicle for acquiring sophisticated technology and mobilising foreign exchange reserves.

What is Assets Tokenization?

Asset Tokenization is the method of converting ownership rights in an asset, such as company shares or dividends in the variety of. Through allowing fractional ownership, we create the ecosystem for a broader investor participation, hence opening investment opportunities for big investors with huge capital as well as for new sets of smaller investors and allow them to diversify their investment portfolio into assets that they could not afford previously.

What is ESG?

ESG investing is a type of impact investing that seeks to align investments with positive environmental, social, and governance outcomes. Many studies reveal that investing in the high scored ESG projects is no longer a niche market. In fact, it’s becoming mainstream, with more and more private and institutional investors looking for opportunities engage their capital in investments that have a real social or environmental impact.

There are a number of different ways to approach sustainable investing, but one key goal is to generate positive real-world impact through investment choices. Sustainable investing is about more than just making financial returns – it’s about using investment capital to create a better world.


A decentralized ecosystem that provides the infrastructure for the Governments to bring their FDI projects on-chain and gather capital through Security Token Offerings (STO) and achieve required SDGs

We address global financing challenges by unlocking private and corporate capital through first of its kind blockchain assets tokenization platform for impact at scale.

  • fdi coin

    $FDI, world first utility token supporting global foreign direct investment

  • fdi token

    FDI Token - digital representation of the share in PPP JV projects as a security token

  • fdi wallet

    FDI Wallet - your digital wallet to safely keep you Coins, Tokens as well as cryptos like bitcoin

  • fdi ico

    FDI ICO - initial coin offering platform for $FDI Coin as well as all future FDI Tokens

  • fdi exchange

    FDI Exchange - place where you can trade with $FDI Coin and FDI Tokens, exchange with crypto and cash

Invest with Us in the World-Best Public Partnership Projects in Strategic Sectors

Become a part of the world best strategic government projects that impact realization of ESG goals. As a holder of FDI Coin, you will be able to invest in the FDI Tokens projects and earn money in the form of monthly, quarterly or annually dividends. This investment in FDI Coin today allows you to be a part of the growth and success of the FDI World project while also receiving a financial return on your investment. As a FDI token holder, you will have the potential to benefit from the project's success while also having a say in important decisions through voting rights. Our aim is to mobilize $500 billion by 2027 to address challenges such as climate change, lack of energy, food security etc.


  • profile

    Marcin Łapa


    Founder, Diplomat,  President of the Board in The Office of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qassimi, Serial Entrepreneur, Start-up investor, Innovator and patent owner, Software developer

  • profile

    His Highness

    Sheikh Ahmed Al Qassimi

    Founder, Member of the Ruling Family, Diplomat UAE, Chairman of the Office of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qassimi, Investor

  • profile

    Jakub Tadych


    Founder, COO in the Office of HH Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qassimi, Univeristis Lecturer, Management Consulting - Ex-Big 4 , INSEAD Graduate

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    Lexington Blood

    Chief Investment Officer

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    Daniel Gul

    Chief Business Development Officer

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    Helen Tung

    Chief Legal Officer

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    Rashid Ali

    Chief Government Officer

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    Stephan Nyandiare

    Chief Diplomacy Officer

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    Nyasha Nakamba

    Chief Marketing Officer

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    Gregory J. Mills

    Investment Director

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    Pawel Sobkiewicz

    Investment Director

  • profile

    Barbara Lapa

    Marketing Director

  • profile

    Samah Gousamia

    Dubai Office Director

  • profile

    Oscar Guzman

    El Salvador Office Director

  • profile

    Mahboob Mir

    Dubai PRO Director

  • profile

    Jerry Azarkman

    Business Development Director - North & South America

  • profile

    Marcin Stelmach

    Business Development Director - Europe

  • profile

    Anshul Maheshwari

    Business Development Director - Asia

  • profile

    Kuda Matyo

    Business Development Director - Africa

  • profile

    Malador Sowe

    Business Development Director - Africa

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    Adrian Dalecki

    IT Manager

  • profile

    Khalid Abdulmannan

    UAE PRO Manager

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    Marek Witeska

    Senior Advisor - Crypto

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    Patrick Wachira

    Advisor - Innovation

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    Franklin Ossuetta

    Advisor - Energy & Utilities


$FDI Coin is a utility token created for the future investing in FDI Project across the globe, giving everyone an opportunity to make an impact on achieving SDGs in developing countries.


January 1st, 2023

  • Strategic Sale Supply – 6% (600 000 000)
  • Price – 0,00666 USD
  • Minimum ticket - 1 000 000 FDI Coin
  • Additional incentives - More in FAQ
  • Strategic Sale begins – January 1st, 2023 00:00 (GST) !
  • Strategic Sale ends – March 31th, 2023 23:59 (GST)

Private round 1

  • Private round supply – 6% (600 000 000)
  • Price – 0,00888 USD
  • Minimum ticket - 3 000 000 FDI Coin
  • Additional incentives - More in FAQ
  • Strategic Sale begins – April 1st, 2023 00:00 (GST)
  • Strategic Sale ends – May 31th, 2023 23:59 (GST)


Private round 2

  • Private round supply – 6% (600 000 000)
  • Price – 0,00999 USD
  • Minimum ticket - 6 000 000 FDI Coin
  • Additional incentives - More in FAQ
  • Private round 2 Sale begins – June 1st, 2023 00:00 (GST)  
  • Private round 2 Sale ends – July 30th, 2023 23:59 (GST)

Public round 1

  • Private round supply – 6% (600 000 000)
  • Price – 0,01111 USD 
  • Minimum ticket - no minimum FDI Coin
  • Public round 1 Sale begins – May 1st, 2023 00:00 (GST)
  • Public round 2 Sale ends – June 30th, 2023 23:59 (GST)

Public round 2

  • Private round supply – 9% (900 000 000)
  • Price – 0,01333 USD
  • Minimum ticket - no minimum FDI Coin
  • Public round 1 Sale begins – July 1st, 2023 00:00 (GST)
  • Public round 2 Sale ends – August 31th, 2023 23:59 (GST)


Token distribution is the way in which FDI Coins will be distributed between the different stakeholder groups.



Total supply tokens


    33% - Fundraising


    19% - Liquidity/Company Reserves


    11% - Marketing


    10% - Team


    7% - Product Development


    6% - Advisors


    3% - Partners


    3% - Royal Family


    3% - Governments


    3% - Community


    2% - Listing


Concept design


1B$ in PPP JV assets
Tokens ICO


1T$ in PPP JV assets


FDI World bigger than Black Rock



Platform Live $FDI ICO


World's all developing countries partnership


Implementation of Basic Income Guarantee


9,99% Global GDP in PPP JV assets *



FDI World - Proof of concept


Today 20.12.2022, we are starting our Proof of concept - public private partnership assets tokenzation for leading global government


Kenya senators in Dubai


Yesterday we had an amazing disucssions between Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qassimi and Kenya senators to discuss ESG Investment. WE started MLU preparation for first proejct.


  • To start, submit your application on the website or in the app. Once you have created an account, you will be assessed by our KYC.
    What are earnings and other rewards opportunities?
    We offer variety of benefits based on the individual project like cashback paid in FDI Tokens and dividends paid in cash once the individual project earns profits.  Dividend or income distributions are specific to each investment and are explained in the whitepaper of each investment. They can be paid quarterly, yearly, biannually, etc.

  • We have removed the entry barriers for individual investors and enable them to participate in the government strategic projects. Till date such endeavours was restricted to the biggest capital investors only. Through the first of its kind FDI assets tokenization platform we have created the ecosystem for a broader investor participation, hence opening investment opportunities for big investors with huge capital as well as for new sets of smaller investors and allow them to diversify their investment portfolio into assets that they could not afford previously

  • We welcome everyone to invest in the best government strategic projects. Whether you are an individual investor or a company we will be happy to onboard you in the FDI World.

  • You can cash out your coins at any time. You can use our Exchange platform where you can transfer your coins from your wallet and exchange to fiat currently. Currently we offer USD.

  • FDI World creates a private wallet for each of its users. In parallel to account creation, the user creates its own private key with its password to which FDI World has no access to this private key. In case the user loses its private key, the account may be recovered through the seed phrase which the user must safeguard at all times. If the user has also lost its seed phrase, his account is lost forever, and must immediately contact xxxx@xxxxx.xx for further support. You can transfer your FDI coins to another private wallet outside of FDI World at any time.

  • Coin price will be based on supply and demand on decentralized trading platforms and/or exchanges allowing international trading of Tokens. FDI World does not guarantee that the sale price would be equal or higher to the price when purchase has been made.

  • No. Nevertheless, investing itself associates high risk where up to 100% of the capital invested can be lost.

  • Currently [August, 2022) our FDI Projects portfolio value exceeds $20 billion and will grow to $35 billion by the end of 2022. These projects cover areas such as renewable energy, transmission and distribution infrastructure, food security, hotels and resorts, etc. To review all investment opportunities, please visit www.wwwww.www.

  • Our concept is based on bilateral agreements between the UAE Royal Family representing the UAE Government and the governments of participating countries with the aim to inflow FDI capital to finance the countries strategic project with the biggest impact on achieving SDG.
    These projects are handovered to FDI World for exclusive execution using blockchain and tokenization as innovative financing mechanism.
    FDI World team sources projects using our unique 360 degree approach to assess each and every of them against 12 Points at Risk. The team carries out detailed analysis, consultations, due diligence and deal structuring before requesting final approval from the respective Executive Investment Committees. For each approved investment, FDI World prepares whitepaper and launch ICO to tokenize the investment.
    Once the required capital is collected through the ICO, investment is being operate by the SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) or JV (Joint Venture) created by FDI World, Government and Technology Partner/Industry Expert. SPV/JV is solely responsible for managing investment at every stage of the project cycle with a focus on generating the lasting economic, social and environmental benefits as well as generating revenue from assets under management to share dividends.

  • Currently [August, 2022) there are 14 countries with the bilateral agreements between them and FDI World (with a patronage of UAE Ruling Family and UAE Government). These countries are:
    Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Kenya, Mozambique, Malaysia, Indonasia, Rwanda, DRC Kongo, Belize, Jamaica, Barbados, Mexico, El Salvador.

  • The way people are investing in assets is changing with the emergence of tokenization. Whether it’s a real estate property, precious metal and company shares or an energy plant, everything is being tokenized on the blockchain. As a result, tokenization breaks up the value of a real asset investment into smaller chunks. Therefore, each fraction of a real asset is converted into a token, then encrypted with all the details that grant ownership. Through allowing fractional ownership, we create the ecosystem for a broader investor participation, hence opening investment opportunities for big investors with huge capital as well as for new sets of smaller investors and allow them to diversify their investment portfolio into assets that they could not afford previously.

  • The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.

  • You can use your FDI coins and allocate them into investment opportunities. Users can browse our FDI World marketplace with investments and access to any specific opportunities.

  • Each of FDI World Investor have access to a secure Investor Dashboard, where you can monitor your investment and returns, receive regular updates like projects blogs, etc.

  • Public-Private Partnership (PPP) offer great opportunities for investors with financial and social impact goals. PPP is a partnership between the public sector and the private sector for the purpose of delivering a project or a service traditionally provided by the public sector. It is a mechanism for government to procure and implement public infrastructure and/or services using the resources and expertise of the private sector. Where governments are facing ageing or lack of infrastructure and require more efficient services, a partnership with the private sector can help foster new solutions and bring finance


  • FDI World is accessible globally and is designed to offer investment opportunities to individuals from around the world. However, it is important to note that due to local restrictions and regulatory requirements, investors from certain territories may be restricted from participating in the FDI Coin ICO - investors from the USA and UAE territories are not allowed to buy FDI Coins due to regulatory restrictions in these countries. 


  • We operate in JV structure as it offers exposure to opportunities, transparency and high growth. Each of our JV is committed to operating in accordance with strong Sustainable Development Goals standards.
    Every JV has clear delegation of roles and responsibilities and follows a disciplined investment approach to create value and deliver strong risk-adjusted returns for our investors.



We support local communities with our profit share.

With the main focus on the education, job creation, health care and access to drinkable water and food.


Contact Us

Contact us with website form, Social media, Telegram Channel or send us an e-mail to invest@fdiworld.org